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Structure & Discipline

Most likely, your child is coming from a troubled environment of chaos where he or she has been ignoring rules and boundaries or is wrapped up in influences they can’t shake. We provide much-needed daily routine and structure to begin bringing balance and perspective into their lives. Our goal at Crosswinds is not to make a child conform or comply to certain behaviors, an environment some might refer to as a boot camp for kids. Rather, our objective is to help your troubled teen see the value of making good choices so they will want to continue to make good choices after they leave.

We encourage good choices by “catching them doing something right” instead of just pointing out their mistakes.  When a child makes a good choice, we’re not only praising them for that, but they are also earning privileges or rewards as they progress through our “level” system—the higher the level, the greater the privileges earned.

It is also necessary to teach and correct poor choices that are made.  We do this through the natural consequences of lost privileges. Any time this happens, the student has the opportunity to reduce the length of time they have lost privileges by acknowledging what they did wrong, what thoughts led to that choice, and how they would more appropriately handle it next time.

Privileges are defined as extra benefits the student has earned, such as off-campus hang out time with staff, movie nights, student lounge access, etc. It is our goal for the child to be able to earn back privileges as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will student punishments be modeled after a military-like teen boot camp, meant to tear down the dignity or well-being of the student. Needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter, safety, interaction with others and medical care are considered basic human rights, not privileges, and under no circumstances will be removed as a form of punishment.