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Caribbean Mountain Academy Review & Testimonials

From Parents of Teens in Our Christian Boarding School

“For the first time in 3 years I knew Anna was safe and loved and in God’s hands, not mine. We have experienced much healing. Travis, the therapist I spoke to at first was great. He took the time to speak with me and listen. My original call with him lasted over 2 hours. He never rushed or judged. He gave hope, hope for Anna to find grace and exception. The staff at CMA were huge and still are in Anna’s life. Joel, her therapist – Anna related wonderfully to him – what a great relationship! If you as a parent are considering what to do for your child, the advice I would give to you is pray, pray and pray some more. If this is where your child should be, He will make the way. Anna’s being at Caribbean Mountain Academy was a direct, tangible answer to my seeking God for an answer as to how to help Anna. How to keep her safe until she knew she is chosen and worthwhile. He opened every door I needed help with and closed over what we didn’t need.”  July 2015

A mother of former student, said that her daughter claims to have gotten nothing out of CMA, but has said “I don’t have as many friends as I did before, because now I have standards.” — Mom said that this was a huge change for her daughter!

“My wife Helen and I wanted to personally thank you and your staff in the DR for an incredible education for our daughter. We could not have gotten to this stage on our own and are eternally grateful to your fine staff. It is evident that God is working thru all of your team. Thank you again, and please feel free to use my wife and I as ambassadors for your school with other families considering this option.”  June 2015

“What you and all of CMA did for us, the love you give, saved our family. Your program is amazing. God bless all.”

“Gian had an amazing experience first and foremost meeting God one on one. He tells me for the first time in his life he was able to find serenity and peace at CMA. Gian always had challenges with obeying house rules, accepting direction, and submitting to particular boundaries. Gian was inherently lacking motivation, direction, enthusiasm, and hope in his teen years. Gian worked through these issues with the help, guidance, leadership, patient and continually consistent motivation, and the genuine love he received from staff members and leaders., Words could not express how deeply grateful I am for the entire team at CMA for their continued, untiringly, unwavering, persistent, display of genuine care and love, concern, knowledge and goal oriented approach in helping my son work through issues that could have destroyed his adult life.  Most importantly the people who were sold out and committed to seeing Gian overcome the hurdles he faced, painful as it was at times,  Matt, Mr. Raposa, Troy, Joel, Jeff, Andrew, all the house staff, and the other students that he felt an obligation to; being the oldest in the program. When Gian arrived into the US from CMA on Saturday, his entire countenance, energy, words, and disposition was a miracle before my eyes. He told me over and over again during our weekly skype conversations, “mom I’m a changed person, I’m not the same anymore”. I’m seeing this every day before my very eyes! Gian is working through the sudden shock of the real world culture, noise, freedom, and readjusting from a daily schedule set up for him, to taking on more responsibility for determining what his daily schedule should look like. Lastly, Joel’s counseling came as a complete surprise. Both Gian and I have met with other counselors over the years. Outstanding and proactive was his ability to facilitate those meetings. The skill of listening; a skill that most struggle with. We would be in session, and discussing a topic that just so happened to come up again, and to my surprise and amazement, Joel would be able to pull from where we left off in previous sessions so that we could expound on a particular issue that would suddenly come up again. This gave me a sense of great trust and security confirming over and over again that we were on his mind, the issues we faced were set upon his heart. At times, Joel’s ability to genuinely connect at a deep level with the issues that needed to be addressed and worked out, made me feel that we were the only family he was working with. Joel amazed me with his consistent sense of being so present in the moment and connected each and every time to the heart of the discussions. I personally learned so much from him! I’m by far your greatest “Spokeswoman”.”


“I am incredibly grateful to you and all of the staff at CMA. Jennifer has grown in so many ways. I am very proud of the work she has accomplished and the work she continues to do. Life is hard, and she got to a point in her life that she didn’t know how to live and even breathe. I believe that God picked CMA for Jennifer.

Our lives had all become increasingly stressful and difficult. I had run out of all the options I knew about. It seemed that no one, except her sister and I, had any hope that Jennifer could get well. I could no longer keep her safe, and it terrified me. And then, her therapist gave me the number for Crosswinds. I called and got Travis. He talked to me for over 2 hours and at the end of our conversation, I felt like there was hope for Jennifer, and that he really cared what happened to her. That was in the beginning of May, 2014. She came to CMA that September.

As you might or might not know, there was increasing opposition to my sending her there. It was a spiritual attack unlike I have ever experienced before. But, I always knew God had plans for her, for her to prosper, to be a blessing to other kids who struggle. We just had to get there. There is much power in Mothers’ prayers. I refused to listen to what others thought and believed God for her. And here she is now, to show what God can and will do, in a child’s life, if we will only pray, and believe that God is who he says he is, and let him do it.

I really can never express my intense gratitude for all of you and the Caribbean Mountain Academy staff there. Go figure, God calls a bunch of people to go to a country they don’t know, pay your own way, weathers not bad, and hang out with a bunch of hurting, damaged, scared kids, who don’t want to be there, and aren’t all that nice, and oh yeah, you have to live with them 24/7. That’s who the God we serve is! Perfect plan, if only you trust Him. And then you end up with Jennifer and other kids like her… and then we see His wisdom and the miracle of how he put CMA together… and then we see how He put it all together.. .and we get it… I would be happy to speak to other parents. Thanks again to everyone there for taking care of my Jennifer.”     May 2015.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caribbean Mountain Academy for all you have done in the life of my daughter. We took her to Caribbean Mountain Academy five months ago and have seen her changing little by little over this time for good. At the beginning, we had no relationship with her and her behavior was unacceptable. Being surrounded by your loving staff, having one-on-one counseling, being in a different environment, and helping others through mission work have made a huge difference in her life.

After four months, we went for a visit and I was blown away by how loving and happy my daughter was. We had such an amazing time with her as a family. The campus is beautiful and the nature is breathtaking. We went horseback riding through the mountains and ended up at this beautiful waterfall.  Then we went river rafting and swam in the rivers. We haven’t had so much fun with her in years!!  And I can’t wait to go back for another amazing time with her. We were able to spend quality time with her and do a family counseling session while there. I witnessed my daughter’s change firsthand—she was open to us and embraced us like never before. This would have never happened if it wasn’t for you guys. We are truly thankful for your great work and dedication to my daughter. She still has many months to go, but I am really excited for her outcome when she finishes the program.”

“When my wife and I called Crosswinds, we were out of solutions and running on empty. We found Crosswinds on the Internet and […] we immediately felt encouraged. From the start, the intake staff were very helpful, understanding, and calming. We spent a lot of phone time with them and we never felt rushed. It was a lengthy process for us and we never felt pressured. We were given names and numbers of other parents who were willing to speak to us and we found that to be invaluable. We worked through every question we had about our daughter going and made the decision that this was our best shot for helping her. She has been there a couple of months and we are already seeing changes. We talked on the phone last night and she actually said “its kinda nice not having a cell phone” WOW.  As far as back at home, my wife and I have been able to take a deep breath and regroup. It is a wonderful thing to know our daughter is safe, well cared for and is being given a second chance to make important changes in her life after so many other avenues not being helpful or viable.’