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Caribbean Mountain Academy – Summer Program

Summer School Program for Struggling Teens

As a parent, now that school is coming to an end, you may be concerned about how your troubled teen will fill there time, what choices they will make, or who they are spending time with. Maybe you have yelled, cried, reasoned, and disciplined and it hasn’t worked well for you and your child. Crosswinds’ faith-based summer program offers hope.

Our 8-week summer program runs from June 14 – August 11, 2019.  Your first step is applying for admission!

The goal of our summer program for teens at Caribbean Mountain Academy, located in the Dominican Republic in the town of Jarabacoa, is to break down the walls and create an opportunity for change for you and your teen.

Summer Camp For Troubled Teens - Jarabacoa Dominican Republic Map

At Crosswinds, we believe our therapeutic, faith-based summer program at Caribbean Mountain Academy enables teenagers to authentically change, without having to use tactics normally associated with a military program or a teen boot camp. Instead, we provide brief, structured intervention for families who are in need of a therapeutic, faith-based program.

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How does this change happen?

Change Through Service

We believe that helping others is transformative and is the key to opening the door to lasting change for your son or daughter. Laughing and playing with kids who are growing up in poverty, helps our students who may struggle with entitlement gain perspective. The opportunity to build a home for a family that’s been living in a rusty shack for years, and seeing tears well up the first time they walk through the door — this is what changes the hearts of our students.

Summers at Caribbean Mountain Academy are packed service projects and students spend their time serving those less fortunate than themselves, working with local Dominicans to improve lives in their community.

Summer School Program Student - Crosswinds Caribbean Mountain Academy

Summer service projects may include:

  • Refurbishing a local baseball field/basketball courts so neighborhood kids have a safe place to play.
  • Building an access road to a poor mountain village.
  • Working on the fish ponds and a green house.
  • Restoring dilapidated housing to provide a safer place for Dominican families to live.
  • Organizing sports and games for local children.
  • Building a local church.

Change Through New Experiences

Adventure Summer Therapy Program for Troubled Teens - Crosswinds Therapeutic Boarding School

The summer program is designed to have one excursion each weekend. Our goal is for the students to work hard through the week in counseling, school, and service to the community, and then be able to learn more about themselves on the weekends by experiencing some of God’s beautiful creations in the Dominican Republic.

Has your teen ever been tubing down a jungle river? Hiked the tallest mountain in the country? Snorkeled in crystal blue water? Experiencing nature in these thrilling new ways can open a teen’s eyes to the beauty of the world they live in and be an important part of the changing process. Our summer program for teens is filled with exciting new experiences for our students which allow them to work together as a team and develop leadership skills.

Some excursions include:

  • Pico Duarte – This 5-day hike is the longest and most difficult excursion, but also the most rewarding. Teens and staff hike together to the peak of Pico Duarte, which is the tallest mountain in the whole Caribbean! It is a great physical challenge, complete with many team-building opportunities and amazing views of the Dominican Republic.
  • Lagoona Du Du – This freshwater inland lagoon is surrounded by 35-foot cliffs and has swings, a jumping area, and caving, all which provide physical challenge, a sense of accomplishment, and team work.
  • Monti Christi – Students will have fun, relax, and learn when they visit the historical sites of first colonies of the “New World” and enjoy time at the beach.
  • Beach Camping Trip – Students work together as a team while camping on Dominican beaches.
  • 27 Waterfalls – One of our most beautiful excursions provides students a fun and adventurous outing at the waterfalls. It is a unique climb through various terrain and tropical settings.
  • Rafting, repelling, and so much more!

Healing for Families

family online counseling at crosswinds cma summer program

We know that parenting a troubled teen can be a painful experience for the whole family. If you are here looking for options, we know how hard this season is. We talk to parents every day who feel stuck, just like might right now. Every family situation is unique and comes with a different set of needs. That’s why, while a teen is experiencing our summer program, the rest of the family will participate in confidential online counseling with a Caribbean Mountain Academy therapist to begin the healing process for the whole family and prepare for a teen’s return home.

Don’t lose hope. Change can begin this summer.

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