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When To Get Help For Your Troubled Teen

Troubled Teen Summer Program

Caribbean Mountain Academy’s Troubled Teen Summer Program offers a winning combination of service, discipline, and structured fun for an exciting and memorable summer. As students are immersed in the Dominican culture, they naturally reflect on their own life including how they treat their parents and others, their value system, and the goals they have for their future.

Warning Signs Of At-Risk Youth

Here are some signs that the Crosswinds Teen Summer Program could be a good fit for your child:

  • Self-centered – Feels that the world revolves around him/herself.
  • Reckless – Experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and/or sexual behavior.
  • Rude – Does not have respect for peers, talks back to parents and/or teachers.
  • Sense of Entitlement – Feels overly deserving of everything and does not feel the need to earn privileges.
  • Defiant – Breaks rules with little remorse for their actions.
  • Dishonest – Has been caught lying, may even refuse responsibility despite evidence.
  • Bullying – Disrespectful to siblings or peers.
  • Poor Academics – Falls behind in classes and/or grades have begun to slip.
  • Lazy – No motivation and often spends unreasonable amounts of time sleeping or playing video games, etc.