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Troubled Teens and In-home Family Counseling

Would my troubled teen benefit from in-home family counseling?

Troubled teen with in-home family counseling

As a counselor, I am biased towards the questions regarding whether or not in-home family counseling is beneficial for my child, for many reasons.  

First of all, it’s what I do for a living, and frankly I love what I do, so of course I am an advocate.  

Secondly, I’ve experienced the benefits of in-home counseling, so I’ve personally seen results.  

In-Home Counseling vs Traditional Counseling

But let me break it down a little bit.  Let’s begin with in-home counseling vs. traditional counseling outside of the home.  Some of the factors that turn children and teens away from counseling is the fear that other peers will find out.  

And in a time when students are discovering their identity and trying to “fit in”, counseling often has a negative connotation, and therefore identifies them as anything but “fitting in”.  

Privacy in the Comfort Of Your Home

The complete privacy of in-home counseling, however, often eliminates some of those fears and allows students to be more comfortable in the familiarity of their own home.  It gives the student the “home-court advantage”.  

From a therapist’s point of view, the more comfortable the client is, the more progress can be made.  And it’s essential for students to feel comfortable when exploring feelings that can often be uncomfortable talking about.

For students, the other obstacle in exploring feelings and dealing with some of life’s issues is that they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents/guardians about their struggles and don’t have anywhere else to turn to.  

In-home counseling alleviates this problem by offering someone safe to talk to and it’s a trained professional that will offer the necessary support that the student needs.

Resolving Issues with Parents and Teens

Sometimes the issues are directly related to the relationship with their parents and talking to a counselor that is outside of the situation and is unbiased can be relieving to a student.

If you think your child would benefit from in-home family counseling, contact us today. Our counselors can provide an outlet for your teen to talk about issues and help build a stronger family relationship.

By T. Martin Graverson, M.A. – Therapist

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