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Boot Camps vs Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys

A Healthy Alternative for Boot Camps for Teenage Boys

Do you feel like you are fighting a constant battle with your teenage son? Has your formerly sweet and obedient boy turned into a raging, rebellious young man? Are you scared that your son may harm himself or others if he continues down this road? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have started searching for a boot camp for boys to help your son get back on track.

There are aspects of a boot camp for boys that are helpful in getting troubled young males back on track. The structure and discipline of a teen boot camp may help a rebellious boy learn responsibility and respect for authority. Removing a troubled teen from his environment to place him in a boy’s camp can also be helpful, as it takes him away from unhealthy friendships, media, and other negative influences. In addition, it can serve as a critical “wake up call” for your troubled son, as they realize that their previous behavior has consequences.

However, there are aspects lacking in a traditional boy’s boot camp that are crucial to creating long-term change in your son. When looking for the right place for your son, we strongly recommend considering a program that also includes regular counseling, an alternative academic curriculum, and holistic programming. In addition, look carefully at the discipline system of the program. We have found that it is much more effective for a discipline system to be based off positive reinforcement and loss of privileges, rather than harsh punishment such as that given in a boot camp for boys.

Whatever category the program may fall into, make sure it is a program that will build your teen up, rather than tear them down. Oftentimes rebellious teen behavior comes from a lack of self-esteem. Programs that encourage leadership skills, building healthy relationships, and strengthening family communication will be much more effective in the long-term than a program that forces your teen towards “good behavior” by using scare tactics like many boot camps for boys do. Our school has an affordable monthly tuition rate compared to other stateside programs, plus the unique location being in the Dominican Republic offers many things that domestic programs and other traditional teen boot camps cannot: an opportunity to focus, a shift away from material value, a fresh start, healing for your family, a chance to rediscover hope, an integrated approach and personal time of growth for your teen.

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