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Christian Boarding Schools

The Differences in Christian Boarding Schools

Christian boarding schools come in two different categories. Both offer specialized and personalized academic services, but each serves a different set of students and families.

Christian College Preparatory Schools

The first category of Christian boarding schools includes college preparatory schools for well-motivated students looking for an experience outside of the normal high school track. Christian college preparatory boarding schools provide a more rigorous academic curriculum, a lower teacher to student ratio, and the opportunity for experiences and adventures in a new place. This category also includes Christian boarding schools for children of missionaries or international diplomats, allowing them the opportunity to learn in a private Christian environment while their parents serve in a nearby country or city.

Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Christian therapeutic boarding schools serve a different group of students and families. They are designed for students who have trouble in a traditional school setting, typically not due to lack of ability but due to behavioral problems, emotional issues, substance abuse, or other difficulties. These kinds of teens are often referred to as “troubled youth” or “troubled teens,” causing these Christian boarding schools to be referred to as “for troubled teens.”

Like other therapeutic boarding schools, Christian therapeutic boarding schools address emotional and academic issues through counseling, specialized academic programs, and structured activities. From outward appearances, Christian boarding schools are set apart by added components such as weekly chapel services, daily devotions, mentoring relationships between staff and students, and regular prayer. However, the most important distinction comes through the philosophy and goals of the program. A good Christian therapeutic boarding school draws from a foundational belief in Jesus Christ as its reason for existence. Sharing the love of Christ, helping families towards restoration and healing, and building teens up into Godly young adults are primary motivators for the work being done.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is accredited through Christian Schools International. Founded in 1920, Christian Schools International was the first educational services organization to be established in North America and has been the leader in Christian education for almost a century. Their worldview is firmly rooted in scripture and in a reformed tradition of Christian theology. From its eight charter members in the US, Christian Schools International has grown into an organization serving throughout North America and the world.

Our school has an affordable monthly tuition rate compared to other stateside programs, plus the unique location being in the Dominican Republic offers many things that domestic programs and other traditional teen boot camps cannot: an opportunity to focus, a shift away from material value, a fresh start, healing for your family, a chance to rediscover hope, an integrated approach and personal time of growth for your teen.