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Troubled Teen Program at Crosswinds

What Sets The Caribbean Mountain Academy Troubled Teen Program Apart?

Our Therapeutic Boarding School and Troubled Teen Program

The goal of a therapeutic boarding school is to change a teen’s thought patterns and subsequent behaviors through educational and holistic programming. Often, a troubled teen program will have both an academic and therapeutic component. However, there are several factors that set Caribbean Mountain Academy apart from any other therapeutic boarding school and troubled teen program.

Commitment to Faith: At Crosswinds and Caribbean Mountain Academy, our faith in Jesus Christ is central to the work we do. In fact, it is the reason we do what we do. We believe that a personal relationship with Christ is the key to unlocking the door to healing, growth, and lasting change. With that being said, we also firmly believe that faith must be a decision, never a requirement, and therefore will never “shove our faith down the throats” of those we serve. We make it clear to all of our clients that faith will play a central role in all of our programmings, and then leave it up to them to decide to what extent they will participate.

Personalized Treatment Plan: One of the first things we do with a child and/or family at Crosswinds is developing a personalized Treatment Plan. This plan is something that is a collective effort, put together with involvement from you as the parent, your child, and Crosswinds’ Treatment Team of master’s level counselors and therapists. Your child’s plan will outline the goals they are trying to achieve—behaviorally, relationally, educationally, spiritually, etc.—as well as the steps necessary to reach each goal. You might wonder why the child would be involved in the process, especially if they are currently behaving in a rebellious manner. The reality is that if they don’t have a chance to share and be heard, they have no reason to want to work toward their goals. This joint effort allows everyone to work together and agree on where we’re headed. Another important element of the Treatment Plan is the fact that it focuses not only on the areas that a child is struggling with but also the areas of strength that they have so that we can develop these even further.

Emphasis on Relationships: Although counseling is a central piece of our troubled teen program, equally if not more important is the mentoring that happens as our staff and students build relationships and trust. Many of our students have come from an environment full of unhealthy friendships and relationships. As they bond with our staff and other students, we help them see what is needed for healthy and uplifting relationships, both with their peers and family members. We have a staff of in-house mentors, counselors, and teachers that walk through every step of the program with our students and model the same positive behavior that they are working to teach the teens.

International Location: Caribbean Mountain Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in the Dominican Republic that is one of the few international Christian programs. That gives us the unique opportunity to provide a safe and peaceful environment, totally removed from the fast-paced, distracted life of America. Our students are unplugged from technology, giving them the chance to learn how to build face-to-face relationships and have real-life adventures. In addition, they get to experience a new culture and broaden their worldview as they serve and create friendships with the local Dominican people.

Focus on Service: The other opportunity our international location provides is for our students to regularly take part in service projects, making a long-term impact in the local communities. Projects may include minor construction, landscaping, community clean-up, teaching English at local schools, and more. As students serve people who have almost nothing materially, they regain perspective on what is truly important in life. They also have the chance to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, building their self-esteem and self-worth.