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Mission Trips to Wheatfield, Indiana

Serve Locally in Indiana

Nestled in Northwestern Indiana, you will find the small town of Wheatfield, Indiana. While difficult to locate on a map, this small town is home to vibrant people and ministry opportunities just waiting to unfold. As the home of Crosswinds’ newest residential campus, your team will have incredible opportunities to develop relationships with local ministries, serving real needs for people in the community, and make campus improvements that will create a legacy for years to come. 

A Foundation for Ministry

During your time in Wheatfield, your team will have incredible opportunities to lay the groundwork not only physically for the new campus, but also relationally by getting to know local community members and partnering with churches in the area. Your time spent making improvements to the existing campus and serving neighbors in the surrounding areas will be sure to impact the Crosswinds community, the town of Wheatfield, and each and every one of your team members. 

Mission Trips Highlights

What does it look like to serve in Wheatfield, Indiana? Here are a few snapshots of what your team can expect from a Crosswinds Mission trip.

Service Projects

Your team will serve on the Crosswinds campus and in the surrounding community to make repairs and improvements, assist local homeowners, and extend the work of ministries in the area.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”  James 1:27

Team Bonding

During your time, your team will have incredible opportunities to connect with one another, serve together, and come away more united than ever before.

Spiritual Growth

When we take time out to intentionally serve, it changes us. Your mission trip is a chance to reconnect with God, grow in your faith, and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

A time to refresh, a time to relax

Your trip will take place on the new Crosswinds campus. While there, you can sit by the pond, or grab a canoe! Also be sure to try out the low-ropes course for a team-bonding adventure.


Mission Trip Chapel


Our chapel is the perfect place to reflect on your time here. For many teams we help facilitate morning devotions at our chapel, and lead an evening time of reflection on the day- what we call ‘Yeah God and fist bumps.’

Meeting Area

Equine Lodge

Our spacious Equine Lodge is the perfect meeting space for you and your team. This versatile space can be used for a variety of needs during your stay. 

Mission Trip Campus

Wheatfield Campus

During your stay, you’ll experience Crosswinds’ newest residential campus in Wheatfield, Indiana. With over 101 acres of beautiful land, numerous cottages, and other facilities, your team is sure to enjoy their stay!

Wheatfield Trip FAQ

More about mission trips with Crosswinds.

The first step to organizing your trip is to contact us at (765) 508-8636 with your request. Or fill out the request form here.

You absolutely can! All you need is do is to invite people with a like-mindedness to serve to join you. Crosswinds makes being a group leader a breeze! We will handle all the logistics of your trip.

We will customize your mission trip service to your interests and the needs in the community and on campus. Serving could include help in construction of a home or church of someone in need, sports ministry, vacation bible school, evangelism, food distribution and more. Crosswinds aims to create both an immediate and long-term impact with each visiting team. As each team is a bit different, each itinerary is customized to meet a team’s specific needs and goals.

There are tons of activities and team building exercises to fill your day. We have a full-size indoor basketball court, a pond for fishing, weight room, walking trails, low ropes course, archery, and more! For many teams we help facilitate morning devotions at our chapel shown below, and lead an evening time of reflection on the day- what we call ‘Yeah God and fist bumps.’ 

Mission Trip Chapel

Minimum age for a minor traveling with his/her guardian is ten years old. If any minors are going on a trip, a member of at least 25 years of age must be accompanying to chaperone, with signed permission to take responsibility of the minors while traveling.

We prefer groups of at least 5 people, as a team creates a more impactful experience. However, we welcome individuals, parent/child, and families as well! An average team consists of 15 people. We can comfortably host 40 people in a week, and can make arrangements for groups larger than 40 as well.

The cost is $50 per person per night for a mission trip. This includes 3 meals/day, lodging, and a staff member to help facilitate logistics, service projects and team building experiences.

If you are thinking about utilizing our campus for a retreat, please contact us for special pricing.

Your team will be staying on Crosswinds’ newest residential campus in Wheatfield, Indiana. Our campus is 101 acres of beautiful land, numerous cottages, and other facilities for your team to enjoy. The cottages feature single beds and warm showers, full kitchens, and a common area. With just 1-2 people per room, your team is sure to get a good night’s rest!

Mission Trip Campus

Most groups arrive on a Saturday and leave on a Saturday. If you need to do something different, mention that to us and we will see if it works with our mission team schedule at the time of booking.

If there is another group with similar trip objectives scheduled to be on campus at the same times as yours it is possible for you to spend time working together. This can be a rewarding experience as it gives you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people who are passionate about service.