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Why Choose Caribbean Mountain Academy for your Mission Trip?

family mission trip to caribbean mountain academy

Lexie Gerent, Missions Manager

Choosing Caribbean Mountain Academy for a mission trip is a great choice for your church, school, or family. CMA provides several ministry opportunities for your team, and is a great first missions opportunity for people who have not yet experienced international missions.

Service Variety

When you serve with CMA, your team comes alongside our missions staff and school students to serve within the surrounding communities of our campus. Depending on your team’s strengths and goals, you may help lead kids outreach and sports ministry, or help us with our current construction projects on our campus and in the community. Recent projects include repaving a road, repairing a home for an elderly gentleman, and landscaping on campus.


Caribbean Mountain Academy is located in the Dominican Republic, a developing country, which might be a cause for concern to some people. However, our location in the country is very safe and any type of ministry or outreach that your team is involved in has been vetted and approved by our staff. While you serve with us, you will always have a CMA missions staff member with you wherever you go. The DR is a country that welcomes Christianity so sharing the gospel and serving others in the name of Christ is a safe thing to do. The accommodations at CMA are also very comfortable. You are provided with beds to sleep in, hot water for showers, and even WiFi and electricity. You will even have the chance to explore a unique DR excursion such as hiking a waterfall, swimming in the ocean, or rafting!

Community Building

mission trip work completing house buildWhen you serve with CMA, you are not alone. You come to serve alongside the long-term CMA staff who live and work in the DR, and you join our boarding school students in the service they do daily. Your mission while in the DR is to reach out to our local neighbors as part of the impact that CMA is striving for. You are also a positive example to the students on our campus, who benefit from seeing people voluntarily donate their time and energy to those in need. Your team will experience many opportunities to bond and grow together in Christ, including attending our Sunday church service on campus and youth group activities during the week.

Be part of our ongoing mission to our local neighbors and to our students at CMA. Come serve with us in the DR and experience something different! Contact us to learn more about how to get started.


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